a little drabble

as he closed his eyes, his thoughts drifted to her. in the quiet hours of the early morning, they always did. and at this particular 5am, he thought about her quiet looks, and her soft laughs that always floated through his dreams.
he thought about that still, dark night when they talked, telling each other small things about themselves.
when you thought about it, he mused, it was the littlest things that were the most important.
like how she hid her insecurities through alcohol, because then they didn’t seem important anymore. or how that little dimple appeared in her left cheek when she thought something was especially funny, or maybe the way she would look at him when she thought he wouldn’t notice was the most important of all.
but she wasn’t his.
no matter how much he denied the fact to himself, there it stood, silently glaring at him. because he didn’t only see the things she did, but he saw other things too. he saw the other looks, the other laughs, the other insecurities that only appeared when the other boy was around.
it wasn’t him that she wanted. she thought it was him, but no. it never could be them. it would always be her and the other boy.
he would stand alone, and watch her silent realization. he would watch her turn to the other boy, to completely lose herself in him, and become something she could never be alone.
and as the sunlight peeked through the crooked blinds of his room, he lit a cigarette, allowing himself to get lost in thoughts of her one last time.

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