another little drabble

he groaned, frustrated as he shuffled through the endless amount of overdue assignments, half typed essays, and returned quizzes and tests.
it wasn’t there.
he turned to his backpack, emptying it out onto the floor. more papers, gum wrappers and receipts scattered across the floor, but it still wasn’t anywhere to be found.
he couldn’t remember where he had put it, and it was actually something important that was lost this time.
cursing softly under his breath, he ripped the bedding from his mattress, determined to locate it.
and suddenly, there it was. his precious phone. or more accurately, the phone that held his precious footage.
he scooped it up gently, cradling it to his chest. all the frustration from mere moments ago forgotten, and he picked up his computer, eager to get the footage from his phone into his editing program. it contained the final piece to what he was convinced was the winning entry for the festival.
after it had fully transferred into the program, he hit play in order to watch it through and determine exactly what he needed.
but then, as the scene unfolded before him, he couldn’t quite remember what he wanted to do anymore. he watched, mesmerized, and felt something stir inside of him.

the girl on the screen smiled cheekily, looking at the boy that lay beyond the edge of the frame. she said something quietly, before bursting into full-blown laughter. her giggles were echoed by another laugh, distinctly male. the girl covered her mouth with her hands, eyes dancing merrily. without warning, the boy from offscreen entered, wrapping the girl in a hug.
her hands immediately rose to touch the hair that curled on the boy’s neck, in a rather intimate gesture.

he hit pause. closing the computer, he leaned back in his chair.
contemplating, could he, would he use such intensely real footage? for the chance to win something in the film festival of the year?
the answer was yes. it was his piece de resistance, his final layer, his last chance. no matter how personal it seemed, it was exactly what his film needed.
and as he opened his laptop to begin editing, a thought entered his conscious.
this film may very well be the push the boy and girl need. and it should be them he pieces this together for. not himself.

and so he does.

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